As the founders and makers behind Greater Goods we are not new to the alternative wellness world. In 2014, we started a medical cannabis company with a very potent and great smelling topical, and then quickly launched an edible line of truffles and chocolate bars and rapidly expanded in the state of Oregon. We now run a thriving cannabis business in the recreationally legal market that we know today. 

In 2019, we decided that our creations could benefit a wider audience of consumers outside of our fine state, and we launched Greater Goods to provide high quality products that were also conscientiously crafted and joyous at the same time, for anyone. 

As food and CBD enthusiasts, we always seek out ingredients that are organic and delicious, including fine chocolate, locally and responsibly sourced inclusions to add fun flavor profiles to our products, as well as Oregon sungrown hemp oil. 

We love to talk about food, about CBD and about life in general. If you have any questions about our products that you can't find answers to online, or want to converse about the benefits of CBD, please contact us at

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